Welcome to Cool Critters

My name is Macko T , I've been a welder here in Victoria for over 20 years and own and operate a mobile welding service. This expertise in welding made me realize that I could create just about anything with steel, and so began my journey as an artist.

Inspired by the world of insects, I use several welding techniques to create steel insect art for the home and garden.
I call them CooL Critters. You can view my creations on the gallery page. I hope you enjoy them.

Cool Critters Praying Mantis

Cool Critters Praying Mantis

Get a Cool Critter friend for your home or garden.
I will be updating the gallery soon with more photos and prices of my unique insect art. So check back often for new and exciting steel insect art creations!

All the steel insect art found in the gallery is for sale. To purchase an item, simply use the form on the contact page. If have any questions or comments about my creations or if you could use my mobile welding services, just use the same form.

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